What is Art Therapy...


  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Physical e.g. dexterity and coordination
  • Thinking about something in a different way. Facilitating change
  • Re connect with a creative outlet in a safe space


People who use Art Therapy might be experiencing:

Pain, anxiety, depressive, physical or learning problems


You do not need to be good at art. The Therapist does not 'read' or 'interpret' your artwork



Art Therapy as a supportive or preventative intervention:

Individuals choose their own art materials and methods. The Therapist provides a safe, trusting space for people to express thoughts and feelings that are difficult to verbalize.

Individuals can choose to share these through their artwork or verbally. Helping to maintain internal coping structures and manage feelings and behaviors.


Art as Therapy: supporting people to have a voice or to be seen. Through the use of art making and showing work.


Art Therapy as a psychotherapeutic intervention:

Individuals choose their art materials and methods. The Therapist works with the individual by observing actions, behavior and relationships there and then in the therapy room. Supporting the individual to reflect on these and any unhelpful patterns that might arise, facilitating and managing change.


Art Therapy is available for individuals and groups: Please contact me for more information.


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To find out more about Art Therapy please visit the web site for the

British Association of Art Therapists: http://www.baat.org



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