Why are workshops and lectures designed to meet your needs?


Art Therapy is a diverse practice.

Different Art Therapists work in different ways, using for example Sciences, Anthropology, Psychodynamic theories and practices to inform their work.


Art Therapists work with a diverse range of organisations:

Hospitals, Social Services, Charities, Schools, Hospices and more recently G.P Surgeries, Employment consultancy and Galleries etc.


Working with a diverse range of conditions:

Physical conditions e.g. Cancer, Neurological disorders, Substance misuse, Dementia Care, Behavioral Difficulties, Mental Health Disorders as well as people who have a mild mental health difficulty, low confidence and self esteem.


See 'What is Art Therapy' and section.

"One off Art Therapy Workshops"


Art Therapy workshops to help a group think about and reflect upon a specific subject, theme or event.


E.g. Life Changes and losses or Transitions i.e. from one location, building or group to another.



To facilitate thoughts and discussion about a theme common to the group that is difficult to verbalise.


To help process a difficult situation and think about the way forward as a group.


To help individuals to think about their skills and abilities, likes and dislikes.


Aimed at:

Employers, Employees, Clients or Patients, Community, Voluntary, Hobby, Support or Self Help Group and more!



Your venue, community venue, Gallery, Museum or Archive. Also see Option examples.

Training / talks:

Reflective practice, working in museum and galleries, using art exhibits as a therapeutic tool, Arts on Referral / arts and wellbeing. Contact me for more details.

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