A Reason to be @... Your Venue


Optional Examples:


Learn about the self and others from artefacts in the past and each other in the present


  • Different approaches to suite your needs
  • In a Gallery, Museum, Archive or...
  • In your venue: images and objects brought to you

Supportive Therapeutic Art Groups:


Working with an existing group from charities, G.P's or voluntary groups etc. or a mixed group.


Using the exhibits/objects to stimulate thoughts and stories through art making and / or individual and group discussion.


Duration: 10+ sessions


Outcomes: learning, motivation, expression, social isolation reduction, inclusion, confidence, self-esteem and understanding of self and others.

There is increased understanding of what the venue can offer and confidence to take part and visit the venue, recommending it to family and friends.


If using the Art B Model then this can also be a bridge to community courses and employment.

Reflective Art Therapy Sessions:


Working with existing groups or individuals from organisations, companies, charities or voluntary groups.


What is the group’s 'common' issue, theme or situation that people are struggling to verbalise and need help to express and make sense of?

Duration: 1 session.


Using art objects and artifacts to motivate discussion and creative thinking. Helping to put words and pictures to feelings, that were previously difficult to verbalise and consider thinking about their situation, story, mood or behavior in a different way.


Issues or themes could be: stress, work load, the client/customer, threat of redundancy, conflict, transition (from building or departments), illness, anxiety, isolation, family issues, anger, grief, loss, bullying, change etc.


"Siân has stretched me far beyond the limits I thought I was capable of...

I have looked and seen things from an entirely different angle" (Participant)



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